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当社は、独自開発した組込機器向け2D/3Dグラフィックス技術のハードウェアIPやソフトウェアIPのライセンス、ならびにこれらのIPを搭載したグラフィックスLSI事業を展開する研究開発型のファブレス半導体ベンダーです。近年はAI分野において世界をリードする「AI Computing Company」となるべく、AIプロセッサIP、ハード/ソフト製品、サービスを含む幅広いポートフォリオと独自に構築したAIエコシステムを通じたソリューションの提供を行っています。

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DMP is an R&D-type fabless semiconductor vendor that deploys licensing business of hardware IPs and software IPs based on proprietary 2D/3D graphics technology for embedded devices, as well as graphics LSI business that incorporates these IPs. In recent years, in order to become the world's leading "AI Computing Company", DMP provides solutions through a broad portfolio including AI processor IPs, hardware/software products and services, and AI ecosystem established by its own.
This blog touches upon not only technology of DMP and industries but also various information about DMP, such as announcements and events inside and outside DMP.